We produce a special type of vegetable oil, namely raw-pressed. It is called so because we make it from whole, raw and unprocessed seeds and nuts. RAW is the core word in the very heart of the brand’s name. Why raw? One might argue that roasted seeds and nuts will have a stronger fragrance and, presumably, a richer flavor. However, you should know that any heating destroys important nutrients, that we don’t want to lose. Our aim is to preserve natural components and deliver them untouched right to your table! The idea behind TRAWA brand is minimum processing and maximum effort to preserve these nature’s gifts. The brand has just turned three years and so far, we have proved ourselves as the producer of high-quality natural goods. We have received two major awards for healthy lifestyle promotion: ‘Live Organic Awards’ and ‘Green Awards’.

We purchase only high-quality, fresh, handpicked raw seeds and nuts from the best farmers. We start to press our oils only after your order. It is the dark bottle glass and craft paper package that help protect the oil from exposure to sunlight or other external factors, disastrous for the oil’s vital qualities. TRAWA oils are 100% hand-made. Our love and positive attitude fill every drop of our oil, as we put our soul and heart in the process from the selection of seeds and nuts, up to putting the date of production on a the bottle.

TRAWA oil is sure to serve a perfect, beautiful and useful gift for your beloved and closest ones! Sunflower, Linseed, Sesame, Pumpkin Seed, Cedar, Walnut, Almond, Peanut, Hemp — any of these oils will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur!